Composites industry index was flat for March

The GBI: Composites Fabricating closed March flat, losing 1.3 of the 3.1 points gained in February.

Heat mapping simulation to improve AFP parts

An optical model developed for Coriolis Composites’ SimuReal AFP process simulation software enables verification of energy distributions during AFP to better define heating laws.  

168飞艇查询开奖结果-幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史 How composites have become a necessity

Composites used to be one of many material options across industries and applications, but that's not the case anymore.

Robotized system makes overmolding mobile, flexible

Anybrid’s ROBIN demonstrates inline/offline functionalization of profiles, 3D-printed panels and bio-based materials for more efficient, sustainable composite parts.
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Urban Air Mobility

Plant tour: Joby Aviation, Marina, Calif., U.S.

As the advanced air mobility market begins to take shape, market leader Joby Aviation works to industrialize composites manufacturing for its first-generation, composites-intensive, all-electric air taxi.

Glass Fibers

Real-time assessment of thermoset composites curing

The combination of material state management (MSM) software and an encapsulated sample rheometer (ESR) enables real-time cure recipe management or cure model development inside the autoclave.

Additive Manufacturing

The Cool Parts Showcase seeks innovative 3D-printed parts

Manufacturers, designers, students and more are invited to submit their cool 3D printed parts to the competition by May 30. 

Glass Fibers

Automotive chassis components lighten up with composites

Composite and hybrid components reduce mass, increase functionality on electric and conventional passenger vehicles.
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CompositesWorld's top ten plant tours of all time

The editors at CW have been lucky enough to visit many unique facilities over the years. These tours have provided an in-depth look into these company’s manufacturing processes and their of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Here are the top ten plant tours our audience took an interest in. 

Carbon Fibers

Composites-reinforced concrete for sustainable data center construction

Metromont’s C-GRID-reinforced insulated precast concrete’s high strength, durability, light weight and ease of installation improve data center performance, construction time and sustainability.
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Brighton Science unveils BConnect: The world's first surface intelligence platform

Next-generation solution combines diagnostic tools with data analytics to understand and prevent bonding and adhesion issues in composites and other industries.

Carbon Fibers

Adaptive composite elements for building facades exhibited at JEC World 2023

University of Stuttgart institutes use carbon and glass fiber composites, robotic fabrication, biomimetic design and digial twin/control to demonstrate adaptive facade elements for future buildings.


Episode 40: Sarah Cox, NASA

Sarah Cox, materials engineer at NASA, talks about her experience at NASA working with composites in the space travel space. 


Process Optimization of Electronics Encapsulation with Reactive Thermosets

Processors who invest in technology to make their manufacturing operations more sustainable will find themselves at a competitive advantage.

幸运飞行艇官网开奖查询+官方开奖历史记录 CW SPECIAL REPORTS


The 2023 Porsche 911 Sport Classic is revealed

Porsche releases another tribute to some of its past models, featuring a ducktail spoiler, a double-bubble roof and hood comprised of CFRP.

Carbon Fibers

What kind of pickup would Bruce Wayne drive?

Introducing the Brabus 800 Adventure XLP Superblack, a retrofitted Mercedes-AMG G 63 pickup truck that is off-road capable and decked out in carbon fiber.

Energy Storage

Digital thread vs. digital twin

Visualizing the difference between digital representations and data flows and understanding the applications that are changing composites manufacturing and business models.
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Carbon Fibers

RAPM development with PtFS

Boeing-led program explores rapid part cycles using automated, 180-channel thermal control molding cell for infusion, thermoset prepreg and thermoplastic composites.
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Plant tour: Dowty Propellers, Gloucester, U.K.

Transforming decades of design and RTM production reliability into more sustainable, next-generation composite propellers.
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Plant tour: ÉireComposites, Galway, Ireland

An in-house testing business and R&D focus has led to innovative materials use and projects in a range of markets, from civil aerospace to renewable energy to marine.
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Plant tour: Renegade Materials Corp., Miamisburg, Ohio, U.S.

Renegade Materials is known for high-performance prepregs for aerospace applications. Following its acquisition by Teijin in 2019, the company has expanded capacity and R&D efforts on a range of aerospace-targeted materials.

The return of trade show season

SAMPE Seattle, JEC World and the Paris Air Show are approaching fast, and they signal the real emergence of a post-pandemic world.

JEC World 2023 preview

JEC World is the composites industry’s largest trade event, featuring exhibits, presentations and specialized pavilions covering the entire composites industry supply chain.


168飞艇查询开奖结果 新幸运飞行艇官网+开奖查询结果今天 Notched testing of sandwich composites: The sandwich open-hole flexure test

A second new test method has been standardized by ASTM for determining notch sensitivity of sandwich composites.


Plant tour: Middle River Aerostructure Systems, Baltimore, Md., U.S.

The historic Martin Aircraft factory is advancing digitized automation for more sustainable production of composite aerostructures.
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Natural Fibers

Natural fiber composites: Growing to fit sustainability needs

Led by global and industry-wide sustainability goals, commercial interest in flax and hemp fiber-reinforced composites grows into higher-performance, higher-volume applications.
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168飞艇官方开奖直播结果-开奖直播查询 MFFD thermoplastic floor beams — OOA consolidation for next-gen TPC aerostructures

GKN Fokker and Mikrosam develop AFP for the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator’s floor beams and OOA consolidation of 6-meter spars for TPC rudders, elevators and tails.
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